Top Winter Accessories “must haves”



Beauty Tips


​Ladies now that we have already talked about bases that you can use to help make your eye shadow pop, let’s talk about how to apply the eye shadow. My favorite brands that I use on a regular are Mac and CoverGirl, the application is smooth and the coverage is awesome! But you should be able to use any brand of your choosing, just keep in mind not all brands colors will have the same look. The key to eye popping color is correct application. The best way to get the most intense is to pack on the eye shadow. Take your medium size eye shadow and in small circular motion, rub it onto the brush, blow any excess makeup off the brush. Then apply the eye shadow to the eye, repeat the process until you have the color of intensity you desire. The more eye shadow you apply the more intense the color will be.

Best practice for first time users, if you are wearing one color, just apply the shadow to the crease of your eye, I’m not a huge fan of the entire eye covered in one color! This is just a personal opinion so if that’s a good look for you, by all means rock it!

For tips on how to wear multiple colors, they have tons of great tutorials on YouTube, use it let it become your new best friend.

A simple look that always works for day or night, is to apply any color shadow that you desire to the crease of each eye, and then take a black liquid liner and apply a thin line above your eye lashes, and then apply eye liner and a little mascara. A simple and pretty look that works any occasion.

One of the keys to great application of makeup is practice, practice practice. Practice on yourself when you have down time, practice on friends and family, I’m sure they’ll love it!


Emerald City


Just like in the Land of Oz, Emerald, a color of brightness and glory, is the color of Fall 2013. Wear Emerald to make a statement with necklaces, scarves, rings, bangles, heels, nail polish, barrettes or bags. It will brighten the days that seem gloomy or remind you of the hot scorching summer we had not too long ago. For those who want to make a statement at a party or the office, wear a dress the color of Emerald and use navy, gold, white, or brown to accessorize. Emerald is the color that you will see in all the department and retail stores and weddings of this Fall season.

Written by our newest “Trendsetter” Tiffany D.