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Well the title sounds like such a cliché, it may be for some. At this stage in my life, living a truly single life is the only way for me. I need to figure my life out,  career wise, location and spiritually. I knew when I moved to NYC, I didn’t want to date anyone. This is my time to figure myself out. I don’t like when I go against my own agenda or focus. I was the new eye candy on the block when I first arrived. I was very flattered by the response but didn’t put too much effort into dating anyone. I then was talked into online dating. It was ok but not for me. I met some very interesting men here in NYC but they were not my cup of tea. Although I did meet a great guy, friendship is all that we can offer each other right now. Such a breath of fresh air.

I need…

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a HIP hop Journey

My name is Katie, I’m a 27 year old female from Ann Arbor, MI.

I was recently diagnosed with Femoro-Acetabular Impingement (FAI). Due to this condition, a Acetabular Labral Tear  has developed in my right hip. Unfortunately, this diagnosis will never cure itself and after exhausting all options, I have made the decision to undergo a Hip Arthroscopy procedure. My blog is a place where I can educate others on the procedure and the road to recovery.

I am a fairly active person who enjoys a magnitude of sports and loves to stay in shape. My condition, like many forms of FAI, is a congenital birth defect and I have suffered through pain in my hip and groin over the past year. Although the recovery won’t be easy, this condition is one I believe anyone can overcome. I am prepared to be that person and educate others who are on the fence…

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