Hey Trendies,

I’ve been into fashion as long as I can remember. I always tried to keep up with the trendy and hottest things often times adding my own flare on it. After high school, I started working in the retail industry at a store called 5.7.9 (Yes, I’m old) and I loved it. This experience exposed me to many things. I worked for several different retail stores over the years and learned a lot.

Later on in life, I developed a love love love for shoes! It didn’t matter what color or style they were. I had to have a new pair of shoes for every single outfit I had. That love has gotten worse however, I am particular about the styles and definitely the price. I look/ shop everyday for new shoes ( sounds bad as I type it lol). I always wanted to get a degree in fashion but didn’t realize how promising it would be.

This blog is my avenue to share things about fashion with all my trendsetters.

Stay tuned it will be more to come!!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love ur passion drive & style keep up the good work keep God first & everybody support my wife..
    Smash Mouf King
    Hatari Jumbe

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