Dressing Like Mommy: Little Fashionistas/ Mini-Divas

Dressing Like Mommy: Little Fashionistas/ Mini-Divas


Enviee Chic

Leather skirt, peplum top, sneaker wedges, gold chain and a leopard cross-body.  Sounds cute right?  Lets not forget the fresh manicure and you can not leave the house without lip gloss.  This is how most of us would walk out of the house .  But is this how you would dress your little girl?

Instagram is filled with pages featuring pictures of  little girls dressed like this. Most pictures of these  proclaimed little fashionistas/divas are captioned “dressed liked mommy/ looking like mommy” and they are under the age of 10. Then there are pictures of these little girls with their moms in the exact same outfits.

 I personally am not a mother but I am auntie and  the preceding outfit for my niece would have been: A tutu, t-shirt with a cute saying, girly sneakers, a colorful necklace, a doggy purse and some chapstick. Completely different from how some mothers are…

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