The Newest Wrinkle

Lately, a large controversy has arisen. As leggings grow increasingly popular (for now both men and women), many begin to question what they truly are. These bottoms are sometimes worn as pants, and at other times layered underneath skirts and dresses. But, are leggings pants? Is it ok to wear them with short shirts as if they were jeans? These questions seem to be quite controversial among teens and young adults. Read on to find out the appropriate way to wear the uncategorized bottoms.

Lately people have been wearing their leggings as if they were jeans. They pair them with short/ regular lengthed shirts. However, I do not suggest you wear leggings in the same way, for while they can be considered bottoms, are not flattering for most body types. When paired in an ensemble as previously described, the outfit often looks sloppy and out of proportion. Therefore, we suggest…

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