Spring Trends 2013

Spring Trends 2013

Trendie Ladies,

I have being doing a little research to find out what the newest and hottest trends will be for the Spring.

Across several runways they are showing Snakeskin print in many different colors and patterns.  The snakeskin can be worn on your tops, shoes and even your purses.  Designers like Michael Kor, Gucci and DKNY have some amazing Trendsetting designs.

Cityshorts are also gracing the runaways.  I am not big on shorts but these are hot paired with a nice blazer and the highest Stillettos you can find.

Bowties are trendsetting as well. They are especially trendy when worn on your shoes and on your shirt Like singer” Janelle Monae.”

These 3 trends are for the true Fashionista!!!


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