7. Top 3 Lip Products


Pocketful of Sunshine

Ok I can’t decide on 3 so I’m going to go with four, 2 lip care and 2 lip colours:

1. Nivea Pearly Shine

I got this in a Nivea Luscious Beautiful Lips Gift Tin for Christmas. On opening my first thought was “hey…this is pink and its shiny (two of my favourite properties in a gift), its got to be good right…”. I also got a Nivea Essential Care stick, Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose and Nivea Lip Butter Original. The other products haven’t been opened yet as I am too obsessed with the pearly shine. It smells absolutely divine, raspberry/bubblegum scent. It smells like it should taste yummy even when on the lips but it doesn’t. No taste at all. Dunno whether that’s a good thing or bad thing…probably good as I’d probably creep people out if I was going around licking my lips constantly. Anyways…after a facial the other…

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