Oh “OMBRE” By: Ms. Bonnie (Makeup Trendsetter)


Make-up Tips


I’m going to give you some tips on one of the hottest lips this year, THE OMBRE LIP!

I absolutely love this look; it’s simple and very stylish. I first discovered the look on Pinterest, and then did research on YouTube. YouTube should be your best friend to help find and master makeup looks. The ombre lip is very simple; you can either go from dark to light or light to dark, whatever your preference is. I prefer to go from dark to lips, makes you look mysterious and sexy! First thing find a lipstick that you really like for this look.

I have a couple of looks I do, and I’ve gotten some great feedback. To start first thing is to line your lips, you don’t have to be neat, make the line thicker at the sides on the upper and lower part of your lip. Shade the outer corners of your lip leaving the center bare. The thickness of the line depends on what you like. Make sure to open your mouth and get the inside so that the line doesn’t break when you open your mouth. At this point you will apply a darker lipstick over the liner. Now that you have applied the liner, add the lipstick to the center top and bottom. You may need to reapply the liner if you want it to be darker.

Some of my favorite products that I use for different looks are Mac’s Nightmoth lip liner paired with Mac’s Smoked Purple, and in the center Mac’s RiRi Boy. Now ladies the RiRi Boy were a limited edition, but Mac’s Up the Amp is very similar to the color so you should get a similar effect. The way to do this look is apply the Nightmoth Liner to your lips, apply the Smoked Purple on top of the liner, and then add RiRi Boy in the center. It’s a beautiful purple lip. This looks also works with Mac’s Currant Liner with Maybelline’s Lavender Voltage and Mac’s Crème D ‘Nude in the center. If you’ve ever been afraid of a red lip, wearing it with the ombre look is perfect. My favorite red lip, is created with Mac’s Currant Liner and Mac’s RiRi Woo, it’s a retro matte lipstick. Now that I’ve given you some ideas go out and create and fun and stylish lip that would be great for work or after work plans!



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