Leggings 101


Leggings 101

I do have a love for leggings and I understand why ladies wear them. However, there are a few things us ladies need to know about legging etiquette.
1. There is a difference between spring/summer leggings and fall/winter leggings.
2. No matter what your shape looks like, long shirts should be worn with leggings.
3. Leggings cannot be wore to every event!!!! Geesh
4. NO MORE THIN LEGGINGS. We have to spend more than $5 on leggings.
These are my opinions about leggings, I wear them too and I know how comfortable they can be. I would never wear them every day. I enjoy being versatile and wearing different trends!!
Fashion is easy for a women, we have so many options…

B Trendie…


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